digital climber

dig·it·al climb·er

[dij-i-tl    klahy-mer]


: an entrepreneur or business owner who works to gain a higher position or status for their brand, via technology or on the web (such as through social media, search engine optimization, website traffic generation and list building)


  • As soon as I learned how to be a digital climber, my website climbed to the top of the ranks on Google, my Facebook fan page grew to over 10,000 fans, and my revenue tripled.   
  • That company is such a successful digital climber, I see their content everywhere!
  • Before becoming a digital climber, my website got about 100 hits a day.   Now we get 3500+ hits a day thanks to digital climbing strategies.
  • The art of digital climbing is something every business must learn, in order to succeed online.

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