You’d think with all of the “experts” out there testing, and speculating on what exactly makes up Google’s ranking algorithm – but clearly its a mystery, and a continuously changing one at that.   Google does not publicly detail the factors that they consider (and even the ones they publically mention, are not always reliable as a ranking factor).

We do know, that their algorithm takes into account at least 200 ranking factors, which determining where to rank a site for a particular search, on its search results pages.   There are factors related to the content on the page, the actual domain you are using, links that other sites send your way, social media and enagagement, and thats just a handful of the considerations.

 Single Grain and Backlinko has put together a pretty cool infographic, that details some of the ranking factors -at least the ranking factors as they exist today.   Keep in mind, this is not the “gospel” of SEO, but for someone looking to get an understanding of things they should pay attention to, its a great resource if you want to bookmark this, and to keep it on hand.