Facebook had an audience of around a billion people worldwide (at my last check).   Chances are very good, that a majority of your target audience is already active on Facebook.   There are 25 million business pages on Facebook.   If you are not one of those, then you are losing out.   Especially since your competitor is probably on Facebook, working to woo away your customer base, if you aren’t connecting with them through that medium.   As a business, this is one area of your digital branding that you cannot afford to neglect.   Especially since its one of the easiest and lowest cost ways to build credibility for your brand online.

Here are 5 steps to creating your Facebook Business Page, and optimizing it for your brand.


1. Make Sure You Fill In All the Main Content Fields

This one is pretty self explanatory, but it always amazes me when I see business pages that leave out critical fields – like their website, or contact information or even a photo.   How can your business be seen as legitimate, if you won’t even pay the attention to detail on a basic set up like a Facebook page.

Here are the bare minimum, “must have” fields:

  • Business page name (make sure it matches your branding)
  • Cover photo
  • Profile photo
  • About section – be sure to include your website URL here!
  • Phone Number
  • Website

Optional additional fields:

  • Opt in box to capture leads
  • Address (if you have a physical store)
  • Pinterest link (if you have a presense on pinterest)
  • Other engagement enhancing apps


2.  Post useful & engaging content, regularly

You don’t have to spam your list 50 times a day with memes or random updates.  But try to stay on some sort of regular schedule that your audience can become accustom to.   Posting once or twice a day, is what many businesses target.   You can use a tool such as Post Planner to write these posts in advance, and then preschedule when they will be released, so you won’t be tied to your Facebook page posting content.

So what kind of content should you post?

  • Interactive – quizzes, polls, questions, feedback requests – be creative, but find a way to get users to like, comment, respond and share your post.   Anytime an action like these is taken on your post, its considered a “win”.
  • Promotional – When you are sharing a promotion on facebook, be careful not to come across too “salesy” or pushy.  Write the post as if you were telling your best friend about a great sale or deal that you found.
  • Share-worthy  – relevant but entertaining photos or quotes that people relate to and will be more likely to repost to their own timelines.

3.  Tell Your Story

A common marketing phrase is “facts tell, stories sell”.  When you build your brand, you need to build into it a bit of personality and real life story.   Be candid with your customers about how you got started, or struggles that you’ve overcome.

Share stories about you first days when you started your company.

Share stories that your customers may have been involved in (be sure to give them a shout out if you do so).

People connect with stories and if you show your true colors, they will appreciate your authenticity and that will build trust and loyalty to your brand.


4.  Back It Up!

You want people to see your brand as the authority, the most competant or the most successful in your niche?   Show them proof to back it up!  Social proof will provide credibility to your brand, and validate your claims.   Here are a few ways you can offer social proof:

  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • News Stories
  • Industry awards
  • Citations

5.  Go Above And Beyond With Support

This one is pretty straightforward, but neglecting your customers on social media can stir a storm that can kill your brands credibility faster than anything.   Acknowledge all or as many comments as possible directly on your fanpage.   Thank customers for leaving positive comments, and respond professionally and helpfully to any requests for support.

This will be the most obvious direct reflection of how you treat your customers, so make sure you are putting your best foot forward with your fanpage!


Did I leave anything out, or forget something?  If so, drop me a line below and let me know, would love to hear your feedback!